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JJ has taught and shared several tools to help me deal with many of my thoughts and feelings through our sessions.
K.A.·Jun 02, 2021

I was very nervous starting out as I was worried about what the therapist would think of me and my issues, but J.J. immediately made me feel comfortable by never showing any judgment, just understanding. J.J. is immensely helpful. I never felt judged and always felt listened to. He has been very helpful with my family issues, relationship issues, and handling my anger and judgment of others. All in all, I would extremely recommend J.J. as someone who listens compassionately and truly cares about your well-being.
M.I.·Jul 16, 2020

The guy knows his stuff and he wants you to know it too. He is so genuine yet very efficient. I’m happy with the way things are going so far.
C.O.·May 29, 2020

I've been working with JJ for several months and have found him to be a great therapist. He provided me with the support that I needed and also taught me some techniques that I can use going forward. He is friendly and quick to respond to messages outside of the sessions, which has always been a massive help. Thanks to him I am able to carry on with a new outlook on my situation. Thanks a million, JJ! :)
A.N.·May 14, 2020

JJ was great. I was going through a really rough time in my life, and JJ guided me through it. He doesn’t judge, and gives solid advice.
B.R.·Jan 17, 2019

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