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Protect the Veterans, Senior Citizens, and Disability Community
Ensuring that the DeKalb County Veterans Assistance Commission is run smoothly and effectively allows DeKalb County veterans to receive the assistance they deserve.
Senior citizens were the life blood of this county and made it what it is today.  They deserve to live a happy and healthy retirement by expanding the Senior Citizens' Tax Deferral Program, expanding the Senior Citizen's Assessment Freeze Exemption, and ensuring all resources are easily accessible.
The disability community is a valuable community to help build up our economy.  By ensuring they have the resources needed for job training and personal wellness, our county will gain significantly higher numbers in the workforce!
Continue to Ensure the Safety and Prosperity of Local Farms
Local farms and farmers are what drives DeKalb County!  By ensuring that farmers are still prosperous and that they are safe to operate within DeKalb County, we're ensuring the longevity of our economy.
Advocate for Re-Opening an Inpatient Mental Health Unit at Kishwaukee Hospital
The 2009 closure of the inpatient mental health unit at Kishwaukee Hospital was disastrous for mental health providers in DeKalb County!  For citizens needing inpatient mental healthcare they must travel to either Kane County or Winnebago County to receive the necessary treatment.  By needing to utilize other counties services, families cannot always participate in treatment thus increasing the chances for recurring treatment.
Create/Continue to Support Small Businesses and Worker Co-ops
Small businesses and worker co-ops help build the middle class from the inside out!  Worker co-ops are business entities that are owned and controlled by their members, the people who work in them.  A great example is Hy-Vee in Sycamore, workers there report that because they have an ownership stake in the businesses their productivity is higher, absenteeism is lower, and they  are much more satisfied with their jobs.
Locally owned small businesses make us the county we are!  By purchasing local goods and services, the revenue stays in the county which allows business owners to reinvest locally.
Minimize Jail Expansion to Benefit Taxpayers' Dollars
The rate of housing prisoners in the DeKalb County Jail has nearly doubled since 1980.  Since this time, many of the inmates have re-offended due to a lack of mental health services within the jail system.  Instead of investing our tax dollars in housing inmates for multiple terms, we can invest our money in mental health rehabilitation.  This will cut down multiple terms and help offenders become an integral part of society.  By rehabilitating inmates the right way, we will cut spending and create productive citizens!
Rebuild Our Crumbling Infrastructure
The American Society of Civil Engineers has given the entire USA an overall grade of a
D+ for our infrastructure... AND DEKALB COUNTY IS NO DIFFERENT!!! My plan is to
invest in our roadways, energy, public transportation, schools, railways, and bridges
to not only make the county one of the best counties to live in but also create jobs.
Get Legalization of Cannabis and Hemp-Related Products on the County Board Legislative Agenda for the Illinois House
Cannabis and related products have been proven to be less harmful than alcohol. So, why is there still a prohibition on it? Let's get that changed! Every year the County Board submits a legislative agenda to the Illinois House of Representatives and I will push to have this at the top of the list. Not only will legalizing cannabis help individuals with several disorders and diseases, it will bring in a gigantic tax revenue. With this revenue we can fund schools, public works, emergency services, social services, and even LOWER OUR PROPERTY TAXES!

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